Review Petition

Government’s Review petition and the Opposition’s Application of Contempt of Court

Supreme Court gave the decision on sou moto notice on 7th April 2022 as decided that ruling of Deputy Speaker is against Constitution of Pakistan and no-confidence motion still pending as before ruling of Deputy Speaker. Supreme Court also ordered that National Assembly’s session shall be held on 9th April 2022 to vote on the no-confidence motion.

Government decided to submit a review petition to Supreme Court seeking review as Government thought that Court did not thoroughly review all points on which Deputy Speaker’s ruling was based. Review Petition submitted in Supreme Court on 9th April 2022 but lately. Officials returned the review petition with remarks that the timing of taking petitions and applications has been over.

But when Voting on no-confidence could not start until the day of 9th April about to end and opposition parties showed their intention to file an application of Contempt of Court in the Supreme Court. Suddenly Officials of the Supreme Court came into action, Honorable Judges and officials at midnight were ready to receive the opposition’s application.

At midnight 12:05 time was decided to hear the application of contempt of court although there was one-hour remaining and the session was in motion. There are numbers of questions raised here. Biaseness and partiality have been shown in all scenarios from sou moto to review petition.

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