Imran Khan Ousted as Pakistan Premier after the no-confidence vote in National Assembly

Pakistan’s Prime Minister has been ousted from power after a successful no-confidence motion against him.

The vote was held at midnight after resigning of Speaker national Assembly and Deputy Speaker National Assembly. voting was succeeded by 174 votes against Imran Khan. The session was chaired by former Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. The motion was moved by Opposition parties on which voting was expected to conduct on 3rd April 2022.

Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri rejected the motion hinting at a foreign conspiracy by using Article 5 of the Constitution of Pakistan which speaks about loyalty toward the state. After that Prime Minister Imran Khan forward advice to President to dissolve the assembly under Article 58 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Matter was lifted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan through Sou Motu.

Supreme Court of Pakistan passed decision on the matter on 7th April 2022 that ruling of the Deputy speaker was not according to the constitution and declared the ruling null and void. Further ordered that session of the National Assembly shall be called on 9th April 2022 and vote will be cast on the no-confidence motion which is still pending due to the court’s order.

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