France and United States reported a huge rise in daily corona cases

Since the Pandemic began, United States and France experience highest rise in daily corona cases, as Omicron varient also spreading.

According to United States Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), 440,000 new cases were reported nationwide on Monday. Where Officials said numbers could be an “overestimate” due to reporting delays over Christmas.

In Europe, France reported the highest number of new daily cases, approximately 179,807 cases on Tuesday.

French Health minister Olivier Veran express his concern that ongoing circumstances suggest that Cases may be reached in 250,000 in Jan 2022.

Omicron Cases in Pakistan

Besides France, In other Europe’s Countries like Italy, Greece, Portugal, and England also reported a record rise in cases.

World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the risk of the Omicron Variant is very high, in WHO Weekly Covid Update.

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